Maxibillion is a new brand for the modern man making headlines as a game-changer in luxury underwear, activewear and loungewear currently available in the market. At last, there’s now no need for men to sacrifice comfort for style – with a range designed specifically for the fashion-forward gentleman. 

With nearly every male body a different shape and size from the next, it can be hard to find stylish yet comfortable underwear that will see the busy, modern-day gentleman seamlessly through the day. Whether that’s a day at the office and after work social activities or a trip to the gym to let off some steam, badly fitting men’s underwear is definitely not man’s best friend.

And let’s face it – if you wear the same underwear for a run as do for a gala dinner, you’re in need of an upgrade! Maxibillion started with a simple idea; luxury underwear that that doesn’t compromise on comfort – and with that in mind designers created a collection of comfortable briefs, boxer briefs and trunks that are fashionable without causing any irritation or discomfort – leaving you to worry about more important things. 

Maxibillion signature trunks, for example, are perfect for anyone looking for a classic silhouette. These tailored boxer shorts are fitted with a hidden waistband and designed to be invisible under formal clothing, when looking sharp is a must. Similarly, their men’s seamless boxer briefs are tailored for ‘norolling’ and made with fine TENCEL™ Modal Micro Air fabric – making them one of the most comfortable men’s underwear choices on the market. After the success of their underwear range, they released their activewear and loungewear collections too. From stylish men’s compression leggings that can help to boost your performance, to lightweight, classic t-shirts that are ideal for wearing whilst relaxing of a weekend.

Finding a style and shape that suits you will not only feel amazing but will also accentuate your shape, allow your clothes to hang better and have you looking your best! Choose from the classic and minimalist, Capri Cut to The Cannes Cut, sitting higher up the leg than the traditional boxer-brief, or The Geneva Cut – a combination of boxer-short style and closely fitted briefs.

Their an eco-aware brand too, fresh from the forest. Their sustainable practices stem from scientific research to provide ultra-fine fabrics that have a minimal footprint on the environment without compromising on comfort.

Designed for the environmentally conscious, the distinguished and the athletic. Maxibillion’s scientific innovations offer unparalleled comfort, performance-enhancing, sustainably crafted and technologically driven versatile style – engineered for the futuristic minimalist.

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Maxibillion’s top tips for travelling light this spring

Whether you’re jetting off long-haul for some much-needed downtime or heading on a sight-seeing city break to explore somewhere new, packing light can be a lot easier said than done. You might be a smartly dressed gent with a pair of shoes for every evening dinner or you may struggle closing your suitcase due to the amount of sports and activewear you think you might need for a holiday full of leisure. However, packing light is definitely the answer when it comes to a short break over spring, from avoiding airport check-in queues to travelling around freely and easily, we show you how to be super-minimalistic on your next holiday.

Pack mindfully

When it comes to packing, wardrobe staples and key pieces to base your outfit around ensure you don’t pack any unnecessary pieces that, let’s face it, aren’t going to get worn. With this in mind, ensure that you pack items in colours to match everything to begin the foundations of each outfit. For example, a black t-shirt, that can be worn with chinos as much as it can be paired with ripped jeans or even patterned shorts, is a useful item. In the same way, a smartly tailored blazer can be dressed down with jeans and trainers or up with formal trousers and a pair of boat shoes, depending on the occasion – another staple for the suitcase. By planning your outfits in this way, you are ensuring that you’re going to wear every single item in your suitcase, even some things twice, but just in a different way.

Choose hand-luggage

A smart, hand luggage holdall should be enough if you adhere to the packing rituals mentioned above. Of course, if you are travelling long haul and a suitcase is definitely needed, ensure to make a light-weight easy-to-manoeuvre choice, for ease of travel through airports and your chosen destination. The best way to mini-break is to roll (not fold) clothing into a small, hand-luggage sized suitcase, bringing only the essential toiletries, a small, travel sized aftershave and toothbrush. You should also limit your shoe collection to two pairs maximum, with one pair being a comfortable, trainer style, ideal for daytime walking, and the other being a little more refined, for evening dinners. When you’re cruising past the airport check in queue or skipping through arrivals without the trauma of the baggage carousel, you’ll have us to thank.

Pack lightly (literally)

Packing good quality, lightweight clothing will mean you don’t have an unnecessarily heavy suitcase but at the same time, won’t be stuck for clothes to wear and outfits to style. If you’re heading somewhere colder than the UK for your spring break and need to pack a coat, go for a lightweight puffer style jacket that can easily be squashed into your luggage. With regards to high-necked cable knits, heavy jeans and thick socks – wear them to travel to save on your luggage allowance. Lightweight fabrics also apply to underwear. Easy to pack and super comfortable to wear, packing micro modal fabrics won’t add any significant weight to your baggage and will also move naturally with your body. Underwear made this way is the perfect choice for comfort when travelling long haul, and ease of wear when staying active on holiday.

Be tech Savvy

Packing your iPad or tablet is the quick and easy way to store tickets, boarding passes, booking confirmations and anything else that you might need to ensure your trip is plain sailing. As well as this, you can also download books and movies to keep you occupied during travel, connecting to wifi at airports to Tripadvisor your up and coming destination, finding styles to suit you with a spot of online shopping or even getting your head down and checking into the office to answer a few urgent emails. Slip your iPad and charger into the front pocket of your travel bag for super-efficient, yet lightweight, travel.