We have gone on a hunt for the latest stylish and smart travel gadgets and gizmos for your next adventure.


Dubbed ‘a tiny gym in your pocket’, Activ5 is a portable fitness device that enables anyone with a smartphone to exercise anywhere, anytime. The perfect gift for working professionals who sit all day, travellers, over 60s, busy mums or simply those who find it challenging to fit in daily activity, Activ5 helps to:Tone and strengthen muscles with results showing that users can increase strength by 30% in just 6 weeks -Personalise 100+ exercises to your fitness level, track progress and exercise while playing games -Do full body isometric exercises and workouts – 5 minutes of isometric exercise can be the equivalent of 25-minutes of gym machine exercises? -Track results on the companion Activ5 app, available on iOS and Android.

Price: £129.95 Available from: Amazon.co.uk, Apple Stores, Harrods and Smartech Selfridges

AirFly Pro

AirFly Pro is a must-have travel accessory meaning users don’t have to choose between their ultra-quiet headphones and in-flight entertainment. With AirFly Pro, they can connect to and enjoy both. With the flip of a switch, users can also send music or directions wirelessly from an iPhone or smartphone to a car’s AUX IN – making an old stereo system Bluetooth compatible.  Users can also enjoy the AirFly Pro with gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch, allowing them to play with others.

Price: £49.99 Available from: Available exclusively at all Apple stores worldwide and online at twelvesouth.com

Ostrich Pillow GO

Create your own snugly space in the world and feel-good anywhere with the ultimate cocoon pillow. With its memory foam core and ergonomic design, GO offers the best comfort for the frequent traveller. Check out the website for more amazing travel sleep solutions.

Price: £47 Available from: eu.ostrichpillow.com

Pocket Talk

PocketalkTM is the portable, AI-powered instant voice translation device manufactured by Sourcenext that breaks down language barriers and bridges the gap between different spoken languages. With more than 500,000 units already sold worldwide, Pocketalk empowers consumers, especially travellers, to converse quickly and easily with people in a multitude of languages.

Price: £219 Available from: amazon.co.uk

Kodak’s New Smile

Go back to the future with the new classic instant retro camera which offers a nostalgic look and feel with modern features. This camera is so much fun and great to get that instant feel good photo to remember your travels.  Thumbs up from us here at British Travel Journal.

Price: £149.99 Available from: amazon.co.uk

Compact Electronic Scale

Save money, time and hassle with this compact electronic scale that allows you to weigh your bags before you leave for the airport. It offers: simple, one-button operation; backlit, digital display that is easy to read in any light.

Price: £70 Available from: uk.tumi.com

Contactless payment ring

This is another level of connectivity for convenience loving tech savy traveller. Literally payments at your fingertips, well finger. Simply tap the ring on the contactless card reader to pay, whether you’re buying a coffee or taking the tube!

Price: £99.99 Available from: fifthandblue.com

Connect Smart Pack

Link your phone to your bag with this portable power and wearable technology. Stay connected while travelling for days without recharging. Experience the unit’s ground-breaking layers of security and optimised Bluetooth connectivity 

Price: £299.99 Available from: kathmandu.co.uk

Air-Safe Manicure Set

Create hands worth holding with this stylish set from Jermyn Street’s Czech & Speake. This embossed leather-bound case contains everything the modern gentlemen requires: crystal nail file, tweezers, safety scissors and nail clippers, all handmade

Price: £225 Available from: fortnumandmason.com