Thaden is the realisation of artist Kristina Thaden’s ambition to create wearable sculptures inspired by her background in the theatre, combined with her travel experience. Founded in 2021 and launched end of last year, the creations are distributed internationally via the company ́s own website and made to order. The bags make an immediate statement as they are the mix of art and fashion inspired by her observations while travelling in Asia. When Kristina explains her thought process behind creating the shape, she noted that The Japanese concept of  “Ma” inspired her very much. Out of this emptiness comes dynamism; a space is filled. She wants to capture this dynamic, as if she was freezing an interaction and capturing it in a wearable sculpture.

Thaden handbags are more than just beauty and intrigue. Kristina went to Italy for its long tradition of luxury manufacturing and craftsmanship to find a factory only to discover that “The Whole” bag was too innovative and none of the famous manufacturers believed it could be made. The precise curves and geometric pleats were seemingly impossible of being manufactured. But like all true artists, she could not compromise on her idea.  “I’m a stoic person when things get tough. And quite focused.” And so it was only after many months that she found the right artisans who were willing to take on the challenge of investing countless hours in developing the bag and sewing it by hand. They have all agreed in the end that “this was the most difficult bag they have ever made”. Thaden was created and made combining art, fashion, cultural experiences and practicality in mind as Kristina herself is constantly on a move – she wanted the bag to captivate the attention while being spacious enough to fit all of her necessities while travelling, almost like having best of both worlds.